Your Creative Flavour Partner

As Aromsa, we offer delicious flavours which accompany feelings in every moment of human life. We get inspiration from nature and combine it with science. Generating solutions in several industries through our diverse line of products, we are in a ceaseless quest for the best, with a view to making life happier.

The brand-new flavours that we design and produce for the world’s most liked brands reach millions of consumers. Each day since 1982, we have been striving to bring favorite tastes to life through creativity, innovation, expertise and passion; and have been consistently conducting research so as to bring in something new, and to make dreams come true, while we respect nature, and value people.

Bringing Flavours to Life

Using a fusion of cutting edge technology, and natural raw materials, Aromsa, the flagship flavour producer of the world, designs, produces, and delivers sauces, syrups, fruits preparations, extracts, caramelized sugar, caramel colorants, fruit powders, enzyme modified dairy ingredients, seasoning, spices mixes, as well as wide range of flavours.

About Aromsa | Carrying Forward Culture of Thousand Years to Present

Carrying Forward Culture of Thousand Years to Present

We blend the science with the experience we have grown since 1982, besides passionately working towards delivering Traditional Turkish Tastes to millions of people around the globe. We are proud to share with the whole world various kinds of nuts; the healthiest yoghurt and kefir; memorable kebabs; gum mastic, the pearl of the Aegean; everyone’s favorite Turkish delight, and more. We want every child to try traditional tastes.

About Aromsa | Food and Trends

Food and Trends

Life with an increasing pace makes consumers turn to new tastes, healthy and practical products. Healthiness and naturalness are the foremost trends giving direction to food industry at present day. Consumers, accordingly, opt for less processed products with high nutritional value, fewer components, and natural ingredients. As Aromsa, we process natural raw materials, and components; and deliver the most delicious, and undiscovered tastes to “those not comprising from taste for the sake of a healthy life.”

About Aromsa | Your Creative Flavour Partner

Your Creative Flavour Partner

Offering value-added solutions to the brands we team up with, and studying market expectations, needs, and demands, we endeavor to generate unique products, which are unforgettable and indispensable for consumers. Aromsa, your creative flavour partner, provides a business model, which is both creative, and sustainable in various areas beyond flavours, and spanning product design, recipes, product application work, sensory panel assessments, process development, and trend analysis. We feel happy to be your most trusted flavour partner for years with our distinctive, high quality, and innovative solutions enabling you to offer a unique flavour experience to consumers.