Aromsa, which adds flavour to life, receives the LEED Platinum Certificate

Aromsa | Bizden Haberler | Gıda Güvenliğinde Çevresel İzleme Programları (ÇİP)

The newly built plant in the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone by Aromsa, a company founded with 100% Turkish capital has been awarded the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate, the most prestigious green building certification developed by the U.S. Green Building Concil (USGBC). Towards its sustainable future and environment objectives, Aromsa has constructed a building that holds the ultimate comfort for its staff and has earned 83 points within the scope of LEED, earning the highest level Platinum Certification.

For a sustainable future, Aromsa has completed this project with the highest performance; and has successfully attained its goal by earning the highest Platinum level of the LEED certification in the evaluation of the criteria “Sustainable Spaces”, “Water Efficiency”, “Energy and Atmosphere”, “Interior Quality”, “Innovation” and “Regional Priority Credits”.

Aromsa Your Creative Flavour Partner Adds Value to The Environment

Focused on sustainability in all its processes, Aromsa has taken its place among the unique Platinum certificated projects with this new building investment. The model applications of Aromsa during the Platinum certification process of the investment are as follows:

• The scraps have been separated from the beginning of the tearing-down of the old building. All the waste including iron – concrete – glass have been completely separated.
• Local products have been given priority in all material procurements.
• The nearest suppliers have been selected in the procurement of materials. Thus, carbon emission has been minimized during the transportation.
• Materials used for the investment have been selected from among those with recycling certificates and environment friendly products.
• The design of the building has been based on maximum use of daylight, architectural solutions have been used in the ceilings and the facade with bearing in mind heat loss as well.
• All construction elements, lighting, air conditioning and automation elements have been chosen from among models with the highest energy efficiency.
• Rainwater and condensed water of the air conditions in cooling mode are stored in the grey reservoir to be filtered and used in the watering of landscaping areas.
• Priority areas have been created in the parking garage for bicycles and electric cars.
• Charging stations have been installed in the car park for electric cars.
• In order to avoid heat islands, appropriate materials with appropriate colours have been chosen for the facade and the terrace of the building.
• By planting fruits and vegetables in 30% of the landscaping garden an organic building has been created.
• Remotely monitored digital meters were used in order to monitor the water and energy consumption and to be able to interfere in cases of emergency.
• For green energy source a solar energy plant has been installed and solar panels with power close to 100 kwP.
• Within the scope of the projects, lighting and air conditioning automation has been installed.
• In order to keep the indoors comfort level at its highest, variable air volume systems have been installed which measure the minimum oxygen level and interfere if levels fall.

Within the scope of the LEED Platinum Certification, the target is to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, ensure efficient use of energy and to create a healthier environment for the personnel. Aromsa, in line with its sustainable future objective will in all its actions add value to the environment and the society and continue to take innovative steps.