Aromsa has received its second LEED Platinum Certification for its new building.

MARCH 2021
Aromsa | Bizden Haberler | Aromsa has received its second LEED Platinum Certification for its new building

Aromsa has received its second LEED Platinum Certification for its new building in GOSB, the highest level of LEED certification available for sustainable buildings.

Aromsa, the creative flavour partner of the food industry, continues its innovative practices for sustainability. This project is a remarkable example of how Aromsa creates flavours for a sustainable future while building an effective, healthy and safe work environment. In the new building in GOSB, Aromsa once again proved the importance it attaches to environmentally friendly sustainable design by earning LEED Platinum Certification, which is the highest in LEED certifications, for the second time. Thus, the number of Aromsa buildings with LEED Platinum Certification reached two.

LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) the most widely used green building rating system in the world. LEED certification system aims to hold at the highest level the design, construction and operation of environment friendly buildings which are committed to environmental values and the health and work comfort of the people. The LEED green building certificate has 4 different levels and is determined according to the conditions provided among the LEED evaluation criteria and the score collected. LEED Platinum Certification is the highest level among the criteria and is given to buildings that have scored 80 or more points. Aromsa has been awarded LEED Platinum Certification in the new structures category with 84 points.

Aromsa aims to minimize the negative effects of traditional construction on the environment, to reduce the operating costs of the building thanks to the strategies and systems developed, to save energy and water, and to create a user-friendly, healthy and comfortable working space.

Aromsa has carried out its works in accordance with LEED criteria in building design and construction to make its new building a sustainable facility, to reduce the environmental impacts of its activities and to provide a healthy working area that will encourage high performance. In the project, designs and solutions aimed at ensuring energy efficiency, reducing water consumption and improving indoor air quality are targeted. Energy-saving devices and systems were used in the project. Gray water collected from the shower and sink faucets in the building is purified and used in toilet bowl reservoirs. In this way, the energy consumption of the building has been reduced by more than 29% and the indoor water consumption by more than 50%.

Indoor air quality has been provided for the users with the measures taken during construction and the selection of materials with low emission. In addition to all these, attention has been paid to ensure that employees and visitors benefit from daylight and view at optimum level.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly ones were chosen in construction materials. There are recyclable waste points and a main collection area on each floor to separate the recyclable wastes generated during the operation phase from domestic wastes.

Located in the organized industrial zone, the building has a ready-made infrastructure and can serve employees and visitors without harming the nature. It is aimed to reduce the use of individual vehicles by providing shuttle service to its employees by Aromsa for transportation, being close to municipal bus lines and having a bicycle parking space in the project area. At the same time, the presence of electric vehicle charging stations is encouraging to reduce carbon emissions.

In landscaping, plant diversity and local plant use have been considered and efficient irrigation systems have been chosen. Rainwater management has been provided on the entire Aromsa land, and the entire landscape irrigation is done with the water gained from this area. Material selection was given priority to minimize the heat island formation in the project. Landscape and walkable roof areas have been created to increase visual comfort for employees and visitors.

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