Aromsa designs and produces new flavours for the most popular global brands
reaching out to millions of consumers in more than 50 countries.

Its geographical location and the fact of working with local dealers in 14 countries are Aromsa's chance to better learn and analyze local tastes of the countries. Aromsa's original flavours and sauces based on vast experience add value and taste to food products sold in many regions of the world.

Aromsa always stays one step ahead in following global food industry and their innovations, thanks to its state-of-the-art, to its flexible production system and to its dynamic and creative teams. By this way, we can provide flavours which meet market expectations in the fastest way possible and provide prompt and high-quality service through its dealers in Asia-Pacific countries, Middle East and North Africa and its office in Russia.

Aromsa Worldwide | Aromsa GmbH

Aromsa GmbH

Aromsa opened its first production plant outside Turkey in Emmerich Germany in 2009. Part of our R&D activities and the products we sell in Europe originate from our production facilities in Germany. With the new building and machinery investments in 2017, the production capacity increased fivefold at Aromsa GmbH.

Our wide range of products as well as the technical support we provide to our business partners, persuade local and foreign food producers to prefer working with Aromsa.

Following always the international standards, Aromsa intends to further improve its product technology, quality and technical support capacity. By this way, we provide to our business partners to grow their market share both in Turkey and in the world.

Dünyada Aromsa

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