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Aromsa was awarded “Best Managed Company”, which is a program implemented for the first time in Turkey by Deloitte Private. Our General Manager Murat Yasa and our Vice President of Sales, Marketing and R&D, Melis Yasa Aytaman participated to the gala awards ceremony.

“Best Managed Companies” program enables successful private companies to reveal and develop their strengths, both by coaching the company leaders and by finding out their talents. It is based on the evaluation of the management performances of companies within the framework of international best practices.

The “Best Managed Companies” program was first launched by Deloitte in Canada in 1993 and has become one of the country's leading business award programs. After Canada, it got started in the Netherlands, Belgium, Chile and Mexico, and is currently underway in Australia, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States and China. In the upcoming period, the program will gain a universal dimension that brings together all country programs and will increase cross-border cooperation in the markets. The program was recognized in May 2018 in Turkey.

The program was created to recognize the overall success of a company, including management strength, ability to innovate, strategic initiatives and financial performance – all of which contribute to a Deloitte Best Managed company. The judging panel examined companies under the four pillars of Strategy, Capability, Commitment and Financial performance. The companies passed the first four stages was evaluated by an independent jury made up of an experienced group of business leaders including Ali Koç, the head of the jury, Ali Sabancı, Ebru Özdemir, Emre Zorlu, Hamdi Akın, Hanzade Doğan Boyner, Lucien Arkas, Umran İnan and Ümit Boyner.

The title of “Best Managed Companies” can be recognized for more than one in a year and so the companies have the chance to become a part of a group of the best.

What makes “Turkey's Best Managed Companies” program special?

  • • Having executive Turkish companies at the center
  • • Fully focused on company performance and sustainable growth
  • • Considering the cooperation of the whole organization
  • • Measure more than financial performance
  • • Inform the companies for the best practices in the whole application process
  • • To have the chance to become a member of an international “Best Managed Companies” community