Enzyme modified cheese is defined as a concentrated cheese that is natural of origin and which is produced enzymatically mainly via hydrolysis from cheeses of various ages.

As Aromsa we offer enzyme modified cheese made with cheddar, emmental, gouda, parmesan and blue cheese, made from internationally sourced and local cheeses. Enzyme modified cream and butter are the other products in this group.

Enzyme Modified Cheese Benefits

Aromsa | enzim

10 to 30 times stronger than the corresponding edible cheese

High concentration

Cost efficient as natural ingredient

Long lasting and mouthfeel than traditional cheese flavouring

Equivalent product for cheese butter and cream

Authentic flavour profile

Can be claimed as natural flavour

Enzyme Modified Cheese Offerings / Application Areas

Aromsa | Enzim
• Potato Chips • Cream • Soup (Ready to eat) • Cracker Dough, Pizza Dough • Salad Sauce (Not Tomato-Based) • Pasta Sauce (Tomato Based and not Tomato Based) • Analogue Cheese • Labne Type Cheese • Processed and Cream Cheese • Wafer Cream • Meat mixes (Unprocessed) •Seasonings •Table Sauce for Chips •Frozen potatoes (coated)
Aromsa | Enzim
• Potato Chips
• Cream
• Soup (Ready to eat)
Aromsa | Enzim
• Labneh Type Cheese • Cream • Analogue Cheese • Processed and Cream Cheese • Pasta Sauce (Tomato Based) • Sausage • Pizza Dough • Seasonings • Table Sauce for Chips
Aromsa | Enzim
• Soup (Ready to eat)
• Processed Cheese
• Salad Sauce (Not Tomato-Based)
Aromsa | Enzim
• Cream • Soup (Ready to eat) • Processed Cheese • Analogue Cheese • Salad Sauce (Not Tomato-Based) • Frozen potatoes (coated) • Filling Sauce for Croissant
• Margarine • Cookie • Analogue Cheese • Seasonings • Processed Cheese • Soup (Ready to eat) • Butter • Filling Sauce for Croissant
• Ice Cream • Processed and Cream Cheese • Analogue Cheese • Labneh Type Cheese • Bakery Products
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