Human Resources Policy

Believing that its success is based on the strength and support of its employees and the most important asset is its people, Aromsa;

  • • employs people who have the skills and knowledge required for their positions,
  • • creates an effective and transparent communication and motivation environment where employees can use their creativity and express their ideas freely,
  • • measures employee satisfaction and improves processes through continuous development activities,
  • • follows a participatory management policy that combines different perspectives and know-how,
  • • supports continuous learning and development by prioritizing the personal and professional development of employees,
  • • evaluates and encourages high performance by evaluating employee performance through objective criteria,
  • • always offers the best for its employees by implementing human resources policies that support corporate culture which are innovative, non-discriminatory and objective,
  • • We pay attention to the human rights within our company, invite all of our stakeholders to have this perspective, and monitor them with the leadership of our social compliance officer.
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Aromsa | Human Resources Policy | Recruitment Process | Training and Development

Recruitment Process

We use competency based objective methods to recruit employees who have high potentials and skills in Aromsa and we create equal opportunities for everyone with the philosophy "Right Person for the Right Job" During our assessment process, based on the position and job needs we also conduct personality inventory, attention-intuition-perception measurements and foreign language tests in addition to interviews.

Training and Development

We organize effective training and development programs to improve the competencies of our employees and to keep our competitive advantage permanently by closely following the technological developments. With this approach we provide personal development training programs, specific technical trainings and trainings on business practices. We encourage our employees to participate in training programs, seminars, conferences, fairs and other learning environment during our journey for excellence which supports continuous improvement and development.

Aromsa | Human Resources Policy | Performance Management System

Performance Management System

Our Performance Management System is a systematic tool used to conduct performance evaluations of employees at all levels and identify the areas to be improved to allow them show better performance. We inform our employees about company strategies and priorities; measure their performances using objective methods, support their contributions to department and company goals in order to allow them to show their best performance, and use this process as an effective communication tool with feedback and information sharing meetings.

Aromsa implements a goal and competency-based performance management system to improve efficiency and reward achievements in line with strategic goals; improves the process with continuous improvement and development approach; and to do this Aromsa uses effective software solutions and advanced technologies. The results derived from the Performance Management System are used as input for our other human resources programs such as Individual Development Plans, Succession Planning and Career Management.

Aromsa | Human Resources Policy | Career Development

Career Development

Short/mid/long term career maps are developed by making succession planning based on performance in order to ensure sustainability and prepare our employees for their future roles and support the future of Aromsa effectively with our internal resources. The most important aim of our succession planning for critical positions is to evaluate and develop our high potential employees for the relevant positions in the company instead of hiring someone from out of the company.

Aromsa | Human Resources Policy | Compensation Management

Compensation Management

Aromsa has a compensation management system which is based on Aromsa business families and managed according to positions and levels. Salaries are increased annually based on job evaluation and job matching results, general economic indicators, market salary surveys and inflation expectations. In the organization, wage rises are given on an annual basis, depending on the findings of job evaluation and job matching, general economic indicators, market surveys and anticipated inflation.

Motivation Management

It is one of our most important goals to create a strong corporate culture and to increase the motivation. We support and reward individual and team work to increase participation. We reinforce our communication within the company through organizations, social and cultural activities that increase motivation of our employees, support integrity and interaction. We believe that our employees' families as part of Aromsa Family, all of our stakeholders as a part of our success and we would be pleased to be a part of our organizations.

Many of our social clubs, which are established and managed by our employees who are our most valuable assets, operate under the name of "Happy Employees Club". Each activity at our Happy Employees Club aims to contribute to a social responsibility and includes elements that enhance motivation with the question "what motivates me" and supports healthy living culture. Activities that aim continuous development are carried out in these clubs. In addition, foreign language education support and sport activities are also provided on a voluntary basis during the working hours.