In today's world, where information is priceless, Aromsa closely follows all the scientific information sources about its fields of activity. To facilitate this tusk, since 2007, we have built an Information and Documentation Center at international standards, which include a rich library and archive.

We provide literature research opportunities to our employees, university students, business partners, and interested organizations with a wide range of books, journals, magazines, articles, standards and databases related to the food industry.

The goal of our Information Documentation Center is to provide information needed by researchers before, during and after R&D activities for products that are produced or will be produced at Aromsa and to encourage them follow the literature to help with their work. In addition to the above there are several activities which would encourage reading among Aromsa employees.

The primary strategic goal of the Information and Documentation Center is to follow scientific developments in the sector closely and ensure that resources are used directly, efficiently and rationally by everyone working at Aromsa.

Aromsa | Information and Documentation Center

The following sources are available at the Information Documentation Center.

  • Scientific Turkish/foreign books on chemical and food industries,
  • Scientific Turkish/foreign journals, magazines on chemical and food industries,
  • Turkish/foreign books on management science and marketing,
  • Journals and magazines on management science and marketing,
  • Variety of Turkish and foreign books including novels, essays,
  • DVDs of mainly foreign movies and TV films,
  • Electronic or printed copies of scientific articles and e-books.

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