We inspire from nature, we combine nature with science.

Since 1982, we have been working with creativity, innovation, expertise and passion to create flavours that are loved by everyone. Ever since we continued our research to identify and develop the next generation of excitement and to make dreams come true.

Globalization and the social media effect on consumer habits motivate people to search for new sensorial experiences by looking at new tastes and flavours and/or by trying new cooking and preparation methods. Especially consumer demands for products that are healthy and contribute to their well-being, the biggest trends of recent years, as well as for all-round taste experiences, have been increasing.

This provides major opportunities for food and beverage companies. Innovative products are key to grasp these opportunities and turn them into successful products.

At Aromsa, innovation starts with the design of new and unique profiles and continues with new and advanced formulas. İt includes the use of most modern technologies to ensure the release of flavours at the right time and in the right way. As Aromsa, we offer to our business partners innovative products developed with the most advanced technologies, the highest quality materials and based on the latest trend analyses.

We always try to find the next first.

As Aromsa, we anticipate future needs and expectations of consumers and conduct our R&D activities to design products that will meet these needs. We invest in technologies of the future and continuously increase our innovation capacity. In parallel to the above, our technical experts keep themselves up-to-date on all new developments, scientific, academic or industrial, and consider these developments in their R&D activities.

The secret to Aromsa's success is our ability to meet our business partners' demands in the fastest time possible utilizing all our flexibility and creativity. The source of our strength is our innovative mind set combined with high level of expertise and an R&D department equipped with the most advanced technologies.