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As Aromsa, we are innovation oriented also in flavour production in parallel to the developments in the food industry. We add unique features to products with our Camarom® granule flavours developed with the advanced extrusion technology. Produced in different shape, size and colour, Camarom facilitates creation of new products by food companies. Camarom® granules have a long shelf life due to their dense structure and low moisture content. Additionally, granules in chosen colours add a positive visual effect to the products they are used.

Aromsa | Innovation | Innovative Approach and Products | Microcapsule – Kapsarom

Microcapsule – Kapsarom®

Microcapsule flavours under the brand Kapsarom® make your products stand out among competitors. With their glossy looks, round shape, homogeneous size and different flavour release behaviour, our microcapsule flavours create new opportunities for innovative products. Microcapsule flavours filled with liquid flavour and surrounded by a hard shell have a core-shell structure and when broken during chewing they release their unique flavour. Thus, liquid flavour molecules are protected from adverse effects in the environment until they are released and do not interact with food ingredients. While the core contains a liquid flavour mixture, the shell protecting the core is made of bio-polymers. As the shell is thin, microcapsules contain a high percentage of liquid flavours. Our microcapsules in colours show a great performance in chewing gums, toffee, marshmallow, Turkish delights and similar products.