Research, development and innovation are in our DNA. Aromsa’s R&D specialists combine science and art in our laboratories. Our modern pilot production facilities are equipped with the most advanced technologies to support them by transforming their creativity, artistic skills and technical knowledge into sensorial preferred product solutions.

Our R&D and Innovation Centre includes the following departments:

  • Flavour Design
  • Flavour Application
  • Sauce Development
  • Analytical Department
  • Organic Synthesis
  • Extraction and Natural Ingredient Development
  • Thermal Processed Flavours
  • Flavour Information Centre
  • Sensory Analysis

Our R&D Centre became a registered R&D Centre by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology on 25.03.2013. We work on Tübitak Projects and make scientific publications in international and national peer reviewed journals.

Aromsa GmbH

We also do have production and research-development activities at our plant in Emmerich, Germany. In line with our mission to achieve continuous and sustainable growth, we made investments in Europe already in 2009 and just extended our R&D and production plants to facilitate our work on innovation.