Climate change, rapid increase of global population and fast depletion of natural sources lead to risks which are major concerns for the future of our planet. We are all responsible as individuals, society and organizations for converting these risks into opportunities through effective and proactive management and finding solutions to global problems.

Businesses also develop different approaches and business models with the changing world and living conditions and sustainability management becomes ever more important today.

Aromsa | Sustainability

Aromsa Sustainability Reports

We work to identify the areas that we should focus as a priority for sustainability in accordance with global trends affecting our industry and corporate goals and targets and expectations of our stakeholders under the leadership of Aromsa sustainability team. Our priority issues which we should focus play a major role in determining our sustainability strategy.

Our goal is to achieve our corporate goals and meet the expectations of all of our stakeholders by continuing to work in accordance with our sustainability strategy. We published our first Sustainability Report in the first half of 2019 and the second one in 2022 to share our sustainability performance. For the future we will continue to communicate our sustainability activities on our website and via other communication channels.

Aromsa | Sustainability
Aromsa | Sustainability
Aromsa | Sürdürülebilirlik

Here at Aromsa, we focus on our sustainability work for the next years with our responsibility of being an industry leader in production of flavours and sauces. We have a wide influence area both as a result of our export portfolio and through our customers operating at a global scale. Therefore in addition to financial performance, we also monitor our performance in social, environmental and corporate management.

For social management fast response to changing customer demands, achieving high customer satisfaction and product traceability, employee rights, equality, diversity, occupational health and safety, contribution to social welfare in the regions we operate; for environmental management, monitoring environmental impacts of our operations, responsible raw material and supply chain management, digital conversion and for corporate management, business ethics and compliance, operational efficiency and organizational cooperations are major areas of sustainability in our industry.

Aromsa 6 achives the LEED Platinum Certificate

Our new management building in the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, has been awarded the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate, the most prestigious green building certification developed by the U.S. Green Building Concil (USGBC).We have aimed to comply with the LEED criteria in the design and construction of Aromsa 6 project to minimize the negative environmental impact of building construction, reduce operational costs of buildings via the strategies and systems implemented, save energy, reduce water consumption and create a user-friendly and comfortable working space. Please click here to see the LEED Platinum Certificate.

Please click here to see the detailed approaches on LEED certification.

Aromsa | Sürdürülebilirlik

We are proud to earn our second LEED Platinum Certification.

Our new building in GOSB has received LEED Platinum Certification with a scorecard of 84 points. LEED Platinum is the highest level of LEED certification available for sustainable buildings. The project is a remarkable example of how we create flavours for a sustainable future while building an effective, healthy and safe work environment. The certification process assesses buildings across several categories including location and transportation, sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation and more. Please click here to see the LEED Platinum Certificate.

To learn more about the building and its environmentally friendly features please click here.