Experience our Expertise

Aromsa offers an innovative and sustainable business model in many areas, from creating recipes to product design, from test production to sensory analysis; beside providing flavours to business partners with expertise, experience, advanced technology and experienced team.

We develop our services in accordance with the preferences of local consumers and regulations both in Turkey and in many other countries which we export our products to. We follow global trends and design innovative products in line with these trends.

Aromsa | Your Creative Solution Partner | Our Competencies | Research and Development

Our Competencies

Our experienced technical teams design brand new flavours combining innovative ideas and imagination with advanced technology. We create flavour profiles which provide the basis for your products.

Research and Development

Aromsa conducts a wide variety of operations like creating recipes, process development, shelf life tests and sensory analyses with its experienced teams in its Ministry approved R&D centre including the Analysis Laboratories, R&D Laboratories and Application Laboratories.

Aromsa | Your Creative Solution Partner | Fast Action Taking | Follow up Regulations

Fast Action Taking

Working with our technical experts, we have a flexible and dynamic structure in product preparation, concept presentations, product shipments. This makes a solution partner which goes beyond simply being a flavour company.

Follow up Regulations

As Aromsa, we stay up to date on laws, and we provide support in the form of developing flavour and recipe alternatives suitable for the needs of the countries where our customers market their products.